All our nuts are grown without chemicals, we'd like to call them o*****c but we're not allowed to until we get certified by an organic body so watch this space! 

In the meantime, rest assured we source the best possible peanuts which generally come from China as they are currently the main source of organic peanut production. Our almonds are grown in Italy but locations do vary simply because they are a natural product and yields from harvests vary.  

Nuts on Tray Sketch
Salt Sketch


We use Cornish sea salt, as supporters of British produce we'd love to grow our own peanuts but our climate does't allow this, the best we can do is use British salt!

It is a high quality product with excellent flavour, being sea salt it is more intense and so we need less of it and with a lovely story behind the company.

Take a look at their company here.

Our Packaging!

In our small way we are trying to minimize any harm we make to our environment.

We use glass jars, we like good traditional glass! They are easily recycled, look and feel right so that's why we use them.  The lids can be recycled too.

We use cardboard boxes and paper for posting our jars and reuse what we have received with our raw materials where we can, we'd ask you to reuse our packaging where you can too.

We have solar panels on our roof generating some of the electricity we use producing our nut butters, it may only be a little but it all helps.

As we grow so do our environmental and ethical ideas, keep watching our site we'll let you know as we initiate new ideas!