In our kitchen in the beautiful Carmarthenshire countryside we lovingly hand make our yummy nut butters for you to enjoy.  

We oven roast our nuts on trays, as opposed to a commercial roaster, turning them regularly until they reach the perfect colour (we know when this is after many batches of not so perfect to the downright uneatable peanut butter!!!!).  

Then give them time to cool off and let the oil 'bloom' develop.  

Oven Sketch
Salt Sketch

Once the nuts are cool, they are measured and the Cornish sea salt added.  Just enough to bring out the nuttiness but not too much. 

Coconut oil is added to the almonds for the almond butter at this stage or the dairy free chocolate for the chocolate peanut butter.  

Then the weighed ingredients go into the blender.  Here they are blitzed until they turn from nuts into powder, then as the oils are released, into creamy nut butters.  This process generates a huge amount of heat through friction against the blades, so whilst it is really tempting to taste it definitely needs time to cool off!

Meanwhile the jars are sterilsed and then the nut butters are ladled into the jars by hand, lids added, labels applied, batch number assigned and then it's ready to eat!

It's a very hands and eyes on operation and we only make small batches at a time, we don't keep big stocks of jars so you can be sure you're nut butter is as fresh as possible, maybe even only 1-2 days old!!!

We hope you enjoy it as much as we do, please let us know or drop us an email if you have any questions. 

(The lovely illustrations are by our friends at Port & Lemon)

Jar Sketch