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  1. After the episode of 'Top of the Shop with Tom Kerridge' that we were lucky enough to be on showed on BBC2 (17th April just in case you missed it!!) the most common question we have been asked is 'can we have the brownie recipe?' so here goes;

    First things first though, the tale behind the recipe.....When we started making chocolate peanut butter we melted the chocolate first and then stirred it through the freshly milled peanut butter, on one fateful day we had a batch of chocolate melting and, horror of horrors, the mill developed a fault!  We were left with a bowl of melted chocolate and no peanut butter to add it to, rather than waste it I searched the cupboard for inspiration..........ground almonds found and eggs in the fridge, hey presto the ingredients for some sort of brownie, now that's what you call a fingers crossed moment.

    All mixed together and popped in the oven, 25 minutes later, oh my word! delicious brownies appearred, yay!!!

    When we found out we had to make a dish for the cafe specials board as part of the tv programme it was a no brainer, it had to be the brownies.  We needed to showcase our crunchy peanut butter so we set to and made several batches until we were satisfied that they were sufficiently chocolatey and  peanutty, the judges thought so too!!!

    Brownie image

    So here you go, our final recipe, we hope you enjoy making them, they make a great dessert served warm with vanilla icecream or just as an indulgent treat, we'd be delighted if you would send us a photo if you make them!

    Chocolate Peanut Butter Brownies


    500g chocolate, we use Moo Free dairy free chocolate

    180g ground almonds

    3 eggs

    1 jar (approx 165g ) crunchy peanut butter (naturally ours gives the best flavour!!!!)

    1 teaspoon vanilla extract


    - Preheat the oven to 175 degrees centigrade (fan oven).

    - Melt the chocolate over a bowl of simmering water, remove from the heat and stir in the vanilla extract and half the jar of peanut butter, mix well.

    - Add the whole eggs and beat in until smooth and shiny.

    - Stir in the ground almonds and mix well.  Pour into a lined 8" brownie tin and smooth the top.

    - Drop spoonfuls of the remaining peanut butter on the top and swirl in.  Pop into the preheated oven at for 20 minutes to begin, it's important not to overbake.

    - Check after 20 minutes, if cracks are appearing on the surface they are cooked, if not pop back in for a further 3-5 minutes.

    - Once baked cool in the tin for 5 minutes before removing and cooling or cutting up and scoffing warm with icecream - mmmmmmmmmm!

    Hope you enjoy!!! 

     Brownie images 015

  2. So on a rare day off we ventured up to the 'Big City' or more commonly called London, we had a work related purpose for the visit but more about that another time, this is all about the fun bit!! 
    We've been talking about visiting Borough Market for some time, a long time, but inevitably things crop up and we never made it, until Friday 13th, unlucky for some but luckily not us!!! So after a visit to The Imperial War Museum (amazing, staggering, shocking and very thought provoking) we headed over to the market.  Wow, what a place!! 
    Colourful, vibrant and with so many delicious options you're not sure where to start!  Huge cheeses, all manner of fruits and vegetables, meat of all types for the carnivores, vegan delicacies, brownie mountains, an array of seafood and that was just round one corner!!
    The street food smelt amazing and such a huge choice; I even managed to get a yeast free rye loaf for my Mum, now that's a rare thing! 
    We loved it there and will definitely be back, if you're in the area it's well worth a visit, just make sure you're hungry!!
    Collage 2018-04-14 15_28_54