Nut Butter Team

We have both struggled with our weight most of our adult lives, in 2016 we both decided it was time to make some changes.  We lost 10 stones between us, made changes to the foods we eat and started exercising.  

As part of our food changes we began to eat lots of quality peanut butter, we thought we'd have a go at making it ourselves so after a lot of research we gave it a go in our basic food processor, lets just say it wasn't a roaring success!!  

A lot more research and trials later we'd got our first decent peanut butter which we thought was great and so did everyone we gave some to try, boom - if we like it and others do why not make lots more and see if we can sell it? So we did and now we do!!!!

We're now obsessed with peanut butter and want to share our obsession with you, it's tasty, nutritious and incredibly versatile.  Although it is high in fat they're the good fats that we're encouraged to eat now, it's a great source of protein and is great for energy levels, don't just take our word for it check out the research by the Peanut Institute in the US: http://www.peanut-institute.org

We launched with smooth and crunchy peanut butter, added our almond and coconut and completed our current range with dairy free chocolate peanut butter (very popular!!!). 

We have plans, BIG plans for lots of other nut butters and more, just keep an eye on us here and on our social media pages and you'll hear all about them.